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Fortune 500 Business Solutions for Growing Businesses VOIP and IT solutions that provide affordable results once only available to major companies

Lines start at $19 per month
Customers that switch save up to 50% on phone services
Easy and affordable to add-on as you grow

How It Works

Starting as low as $19.99/month!

Who We Are

ReliaVoIP provides a one-stop shop for anyone's IT needs in the Arlington, TX region

ReliaVoIP proudly offers solutions for any IT or telecom business in the Arlington, TX area. We create telecom solutions that make it easy to access your account, your communication solutions, and are Fortune 50 brokered to ensure you find growing-sized prices for any budget. And since we're always here and ready to offer reliable IT support, your system will always work the way it should.

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Cloud Hosted Telecom

Cloud hosted telecom lets you access your account anywhere, making calls and receiving messages from your home, office, or mobile phone while on the go - all interconnected for the best results. Arlington, TX businesses can simplify their communications processes thanks to our streamlined, powerful services.


Networking and Data

We work to broker internet and data services from all major ISPs in the Arlington, TX area. You will get the fastest, most reliable networking and internet service at a fair price that offers you solutions at an affordable price point. Then, we build our VOIP and telecom systems on that network infrastructure for the best results possible.


Data Protection

We know that your information is important, which is why we offer reliable cloud-based backup and data protection solutions. You can keep your files and information stored safely without worrying about losing a single bit of data, and can access it quickly and easily at any time.


IT Support and Maintenance

Keeping your IT, telecom services, and any other applicable technologies working properly ensures that you get the IT support and performance your business needs. We'll keep everything working smoothly, and are always on standby if you need to contact us for additional assistance with your existing system.

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How It Works


Free Unbiased Consultation

We begin every relationship with a client with a free, unbiased consultation. We'll review your needs and goals to get a clear picture of what you require to build your business' future.


Comparing and Brokering

Once we understand your needs, we find the right network and data solutions in your area. We broker the right ISP service for your specific goals and then ensure that you get service at the best possible price for your business.


Installation and Training

Next, we take care of installation of all software and hardware needed for your particular services. Whether it's data, cloud storage solutions, VOIP, or something else, we set up everything and train you to ensure you have a clear understanding on how to use it.


IT Support and Maintenance

Our team keeps maintaining and monitoring your system to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently. If something arises, we'll quickly address it so you can keep your business working the way that it should.

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Why Choose Us

  • done Unbiased Consultation

    Our unbiased consultation means that you get the solutions that are best for you, not the solutions that we're paid extra from a third party to suggest.

  • done Brokering for the Best Value

    Our years of expertise mean that we can broker to get you the best value services for your money, every single time.

  • done Cloud Solutions You Trust

    We work with numerous Cloud providers, connecting our clients with brands that they can trust and use throughout the life of their business.

  • doneNo Hidden Fees

    When we offer a quote, that's the price that you'll pay. There are no hidden fees or charges coming out of nowhere.

  • doneAll in One Solution

    Businesses grow, and as they do their needs change. We offer adaptable, scalable solutions for growing businesses.

  • donePersonal Relationships

    You'll develop a one-on-one, personal relationship with your technician, ensuring that you trust in your services.

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Grow Your Business with ReliaVoIP's Telecom Solutions

In the past, great telecom services have been so cost-prohibitive that only the big guys had access to them. But now, with virtual meeting platforms, video storage, cybersecurity, VOIP, and more, you can get all of the services that the big companies have - at a price you can manage. Lines start at under $20 per month, giving you the ability to grow your telecom solutions as your business grows too. This lets your business reach the goals you set, no matter what they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will my Internet support VOIP?

    VOIP requires a high speed internet connection, if you aren't sure about your data speed we can test your network for compatibility.

  • Do I need a new router?

    Certain routers do not support the transmission of VOIP audio known as packets, if your router needs to be upgraded we will be happy to help you find the best option for your situation.

  • Can I send Faxes using VOIP?

    We offer E-Fax which allows you to send to fax numbers by attaching a file from your computer. If you want to use your existing machine, we can connect it to the internet with an ATA device which is la type of router.

  • Can I use my current phones?

    Your phone may not support certain features, and we always reccomend using VOIP phones when possible. We also offer a mobile app so you can take calls on the go.

  • How can you save me money?

    When you switch to Reliavoip we use the internet connection you are already paying for. Instead of using telephone lines that are owned by the big guys. We make use of state of the art servers that help us to keep our overhead down and we transfer those savings to you.

  • Do I have to install the phones myself?

    We are more than happy to walk you through setting up your phone system. If you have an in-house Tech support team, we can work with them directly. If you want us to handle all the leg work, we can do everything from setting up the phones, to custom creating an autoattendant.