• What kinds of features do you offer?

    We offer a wide variety of Ucaas services. Auto attendants, call forwarding, conference bridges, call recording, screen sharing software.our new E-fax is a great way to go green! Mobile phone application allowing you to take calls from the office when you are away. We also broker data from major isps such as att spectrum Verizon etc. We also offer cyber security that protects your network in real time.

  • Can I keep all my existing phone numbers?

    Yes you can! We are able to port all your phone numbers even your fax line. Making sure you never miss a call.

  • How many phone lines do you support?

    We are able to accommodate any number of phones. We work in partnership with major service providers for Enterprise Sized solutions and have a whole team ready to implement your VOIP solution

  • Can I keep my current phone hardware?

    If you love your phone, you can keep it! We use a device call an ATA router that allows us to translate from analog phone signal to VOIP. However we stay up to date on the newest technology and your phone may not support all the features available and using your own hardware affects warranty.

  • Do I need any additional hardware?

    Our phone service runs on your existing internet connection, we are able to go out of your router into the VOIP phones and then link right into your computer/workstation. We do a thorough network analysis before placing an order, we want to make sure all equipment work together well and once we do our audit we will be able to see if your router and internet speed is voip compatible. If anything needs to be upgraded we can either rent the hardware to you monthly or you can buy it upfront to own it.

  • How long will it take for my new service to be activated?

    We schedule the port date for your DID (direct inward dialing) phone number after we have setup the network using temporary numbers you will be able to use the system and test all of its features before your number actually switches over and all we have to do is authorize the port. Also we can assign your cell phone number to ring if you want to port your number right away if your service is about to end with your carrier. That way you don’t miss calls all the customer knows is they called your business number and you answered.

  • What happens to after-hours calls?

    We can setup an auto attendant to take phone calls and even email the voicemails as text to you, but you can fully customize the times you want your phone to ring and what happens after it connects, like go to a specific person or straight to message after a number of rings. We also can setup a different after hours greeting.

  • Are there any additional fees or charges?

    After we perform a network analysis we will build you a custom quote with full transparency upfront. So no hidden costs come up. We still like to remind you that in Information technology every ones needs are different and in order to give a customized approach we realize after everything is setup there may still be some troubleshooting to make it just right. Kind of like getting a tailored suit you may wear itand realize you would like the shoulders let out to make it more comfortable. Which is what we want to do

  • What happens if the power goes out?

    We advise that you purchase a ups (un-interruptable power supply) or a battery backup. In the event that the outage is longer than the battery if the power goes out the servers can be forwarded to your cell phone temporarily. We can also change your greeting to a recording notice of power outage in event of unforeseen closure so instead of getting a bunch of voicemails it says thanks you for calling we experienced a power outage and are not taking calls at this time, if you call back and the message is back to normal we will be able to answer your call. Etc.

  • If my Internet connection gets disrupted, will I still have phone service?

    The phone system is located in our multiple databases with backups. At anytime if your business loses internet or power we can forward calls from the main line to any or multiple cell phones to be answered.

  • How do I contact a service tech if my phones are down?

    Depending on what ISP OR MSP we connect you with you will call the number on your contract. For example if you get phone service from vonage you will call their tech support or if you get internet from att you will call their support. Most of our carriers have 24/7 call lines.

  • How long does it take for a service call response?

    Because everything is on the cloud most issues can resolved remotely within minutes instead of having to wait hours or days for someone to come look at the telephone pole lines and cable.

  • What kind of training will I receive?

    All the phones come with manuals and links to video instruction. And if you can’t remember how to perform a certain action you can always call your carrier for remote tech support.

  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    You can always call us at 469-421-8100, send us a message on, or email us at

  • What do I do with my old POTS phones?

    You can either use them as backups using an ata router as a hybrid voip phone. Or recycle them based on your states regulations.

  • What happens to our phone service if we move our office location?

    Anywhere that you go that has internet you can plug your phone into the internet and start making calls. If you have any trouble please give us a call and we will be glad to help!